Post Mold Restoration and Remodel

The Mold Is Gone Now What?

That is the thing many people ask themselves when discussing mold removal and remediation. You need more than just the mold removed, you need everything put back in order. This is where our complete restoration service comes into play. No matter how comprehensive the damage we assure you that we will do our best to restore all damage back to the condition your home was in before any damage occurred. Some repairs can only be done to restore the isolated damage done by the mold and moisture and depends on the homeowner, insurance money available and extent of damage.  

Time For A Remodel?

Many homeowners look at mold remediation very negatively, and rightfully so. However, If you are ready for a change to your home, maybe the mold and moisture damage can help pay for a part of a remodel. Because mold can often be so invasive, if we are forced to open walls and roof lines of the home, it may be a good time to consider making changes you have wanted to make. Give us a call and lets discuss your ideas. Knowing what you want before we get started can help us plan and maximize your overall budget.  



Contact us for non-Emergency Mold removal Issues.

If you have emergency water removal needs, we recommend you contact your insurance company for an authorized 24 hour emergency water removal company.