Mold Removal Service

Mold Remediation | Removing Mold

Mold Cleanup Process

The first thing we do is setup containment. We will apply negative air pressure with with negative air machines equipped with HEPA filters. Only then will we begin to attend to moldy surfaces. Our treatments will always be based on the type of mold, the contaminated surface type and the severity of the infestation.

Mold infestations can ruin your house and even impact your health. The first step in our mold remediation and removal process is to identify the mold. All homes get some form of mold but the big ones, like black mold need more careful removal.

Mold can be a major nuisance. It can blacken grout lines, discolor walls, makes black spots on siding, and will rot out any damp wood. It can also be bad for your health because it releases microscopic spores. These spores can cause allergic reactions, cold like symptoms and irritating odors.

Getting Rid of Mold

The key to mold removal and remediation is to eliminate small infestations before they become bigger. However, if an infestation has become larger you will definitely need to call us.  

Mold is all over the place. It is a type of fungus and it grows when spores that float in the air become attached to a surface that allows for growth. Some forms can grow almost anywhere spores land when moisture is present. The most visible form of mold, called mildew, begins as black spots and can grows into large colonies. Mildew is the black stuff in grout lines of your shower, walls, and on outdoors surfaces. Mildewed surfaces may be difficult to distinguish from a dirty surface but is not dangerous and will not damage your home.

However, more invasive forms of mold will damage your home by breaking down building materials. High concentration of mold may produce a harsh odor. If you smell a musty odor you should call us. We will come and check your entire home including carpets, walls, crawlspaces, wood under your floors, roof sheathing and other damp areas.

Small infestations can be removed on your own, however if you have heavy mold concentrations or any black mold covering more than a few square feet we recommend that you call us.

We will seal all room that are infested from the rest of the home or building. We cover all doorways with a barrier made of overlapping plastic sheets and cover air duct and ventilation with plastic and tape.

What All Is Involved?

Inside the house we will open up moldy walls and ceilings, pry off baseboards/trim and probe the walls using to discover and remove and hidden mold in the insulation or wall framing. Yes, we have to open up walls to get access to any mold growing inside. If moisture damage has gone unnoticed for long time we will also likely have to remove and repair rotted material. We will remove and replace soft or spongy studs, wall sheathing, flooring and ceiling material. Where removal is not required, we will treat the affected areas with a wood preservative after wood is cleaned and dried.

Mold Removal and Prevention

After we remove mold, will consult with you on our plan to prevent it in the future. The key is stopping mold by controlling dampness. Most infestations begin in crawlspaces, attics, walls where water leaks in from the outside and in basements where there is poor drainage. We will ensure that our plan includes stopping all leaks, ensuring proper ventilation, making sure crawlspaces are dry and re-routing water at the foundation level away from the house.


Contact us for non-Emergency Mold removal Issues.

If you have emergency water removal needs, we recommend you contact your insurance company for an authorized 24 hour emergency water removal company.