Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Solutions For Realtors

We have been doing mold inspection, testing, prevention and remediation for over 15 years. Mold Check has helped ensure many real estate deals were successful. We can often complete Real Estate mitigation jobs in 24 to 48 hours. Realtors should call (720)877-6444 to receive our $100 Realtor discount. This Coupon is for you to offer to your client and is intended to show value to your client through your relationship with a solid mold mitigation company.

Real Estate Agents Can Depend on Us

Mold Check is the best mold remediation partner to Real Estate Agents to ensure real estate transactions are not threatened by mold found in a home under contract.

Our Mold Removal Is Guaranteed

We offer a MONEY BACK Guarantee for your client’s peace of mind. Once we are done, you can be assured the home will pass a live spore mold test.

Mold Check is a Realtor’s Best Friend!

Contact us for non-Emergency Mold removal Issues.

If you have emergency water removal needs, we recommend you contact your insurance company for an authorized 24 hour emergency water removal company.